Friday, February 05, 2016

Misplaced poisons of Mother Earth

It’s been inspiring to read the recent letters of ecological concern by Eloise Christensen and Kerrin McCall regarding cleaner snow removal policies. Their letters remind me of a similar concern for the soil at Friedman Memorial Airport, which has been contaminated through decades of aircraft deicing.

With the large budget that our Hailey airport has, it would be nice to see board members consider a feasibility study along the lines of large heated indoor de-icing structure for aircraft to taxi through before flying off. Such an arrangement could be designed with environmentally friendly drains for collecting the used de-icing fluid, and then cleaning and recycling it.

Another potential improvisation would be to remove dangerous ice by beaming aircraft with modernized microwave systems. Building a heated hanger for airplanes to pass through shortly before takeoff would lessen the amount of de-icing fluid or microwaves required. In summer, the de-icing booth could even be designed to double as an aircraft wash bay.

Meanwhile, our community should look forward to the ongoing proactive research from Eloise and Kerrin. After all, we would be less polluted as people if more folks cared about the proper handling of misplaced poisons from good Mother Earth as much they do. 

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