Monday, May 09, 2016

Thankful for “relatively harmless” results of airport deicing study

It was inspiring to read the recent Express report “Runway deicer isn’t polluting land around airport” and I’m grateful that the airport authority went to the trouble of conducting the suggested feasibility tests. Moreover, we all should be appreciative for the amazing magic dissolution abilities that water simply has for healing misplaced poisons of Mother Earth - especially with this recent season of 110% normal precipitation helping with great assist.

However; beneath the surface and before this issue gets too quickly brushed aside, I wonder if the residents who live in close proximity to the airport such as those on Broadford Highlands are completely comfortable with the results of this test, which did include some ambiguous statements. After all, most of the houses there were constructed in the era when the more toxic ethylene glycol was being rigorously and copiously applied as a deicing agent to help our local aircraft fly.

I believe that the majority of Broadford Highland residents care about their friends and family and they wouldn’t want to offer any friend a drink of questionable water. So I wonder if a few of the residents there were to ask the Friedman Airport Authority to extend their already comprehensive study to a just a few more wells in their neighborhood and then my intuitive suspicions about poor water quality in that area were proven to be unfounded, then we all might rest a little easier on this important healthy issue. 

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