Sunday, January 06, 2019

Crows recognize friends and foes
Seeing that the State College Public Works Dept. is on a mission to scare crows away with effective noisemakers, makes me wonder if the labor force knows that our crow cousins have a special gift for remembering faces and even masks.
Not only are crows gifted with facial recognition talents for identifying unique humans, avian researchers in Seattle have discovered that Crows communicate to their friends and even their descendants about human characteristics, effectively marking social points against their nemesis’s. (and up-votes for friends)
With this remarkable skill in mind, workers may want to consider wearing their hardhats when they’re out this season on the hiking trails or hunting woodlands where the crows they’ve encountered have re-roosted, to prevent return harassment from the recalling crows. And perhaps donning a hat of a different color would confuse the crows with worker identity and be the safest hat for all.


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  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I’m so glad you’re being proactive and trying to bring attention to the issue. I’m worried that people will want to kill the crows to reduce their risk of retaliation from the crows. I wonder how we can bring more compassion and understanding about the crows and wonder and aw and respect. Maybe you could also submit some stories about brilliant crow behavior. Seems to be working on her areas of conversation, to illicit caring and behavior changes with more understanding.


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