Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I know about where it is
This big rock with a candy vein of gold in it
Scintillating under the stars

I want to find this Idaho Sword of Shannara
and lay me down under the silver fruit
Press the Gold of my ear to the vibration
to sense if I can detect the echo of
when Lurch -or was it Jaws?
Split this baby in half
with an old 1863 hickory stick sledgehammer

I'll bend up over the hill tonite
Too itchy and scratchy for a truck in that rough spot
to see if'n I can't see how them thar hills have changed

Yeah that's it
I'll pack up the DVD player
better bring a spare battery juice-pack
Cause it's cold in them thar Idaho hills
I'll freeze frame on the DVD
sections of Mountains in that backdrop
and compare it to our current status

i think of the nameless preacher in the movie
and for some reason the Beatles real nowhere man
jangles my juices like Satchel Paige on opening day

On spectacular evenings like these
Sometimes it feels like we'll still be standing strong
longafter those them thar hills have fast eroded away

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