Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Detriot & Chicago game

“Dad, did you hear about the soldier bear who patriotically served in WW2? Used to light the General’s cigar at the back of the front.”

“That’s nothing son. In the Marines, I had a bulldog we trained to burrow under bunkers in the big one. Once tunneled under the Berlin Wall and chomped Hitler on the bum.”

“So Dad, did you want to come here camping in the barren Idaho wilderness this sultry summer?”

“Son, I’m not much into the great outdoors, but say, does your RV have a TV?”

“Yepperdoodle, but it only picks up the Discovery Channel. Won’t be able to see any important ball games.”

“Well then, I don’t think that is the kind of thing for me. Tell you what though, I’ll ride up to the fabled hunting camp as long as you think we’ll be back in time for the 6 o’clock kickoff between the Lionesses and the Bulls at Soldier Field.”

“Who are their coaches this year, Pop?”

“Some guy who used to be a General and who has a Bear mascot light his cigar after every tight victory.”

“Will you bear with me if we’re late for the vital kickoff?”

“I suppose so, son – there’s a halftime show I wouldn’t mind skipping either. A bunch of blather featuring an overblown vegetarian lioness or some suchlike droll.”

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JBanholzer said...

Mary G. and I went over to some friends’ new home down in Gannett recently. Stacy told the housewarming evening’s best story. She said that one morning her boyfriend asked about what was all that chatter on the TV.

Stacy replied that from the audio, it sounded like some type of sports competition –evidently between the Bulls and the Bears. Turns out that when she walked over to the TV she saw that it was a stock market report!