Friday, February 15, 2008

This is great.

For a future publication, I would be interested in hearing students take on the war(s):

How does the price of gas affect young people who have jobs delivering pizza, etc.?
How else does the war affect students? Some must have family members and friends overseas right now. Surely, most students know a few who have recently served in our armed forces.

For those students who are considering military duty or have already signed up, what are your motivations? What do you expect to get out of serving your country? Have you discussed the likelihood of posttraumatic stress disorder with your friends and family? Do future soldiers of America believe that the enemies we fight are somehow less human than we are? Or, that our 'enemies' are actually people, much like us, only that they have been thrust into extraordinary different circumstances?

I think that many in our Idaho community would be interested in hearing about this from students perspectives. Thank you for considering these questions and comments.

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