Friday, February 15, 2008

Are you a Hamp man or a deliverer?

This morning K. from the Resurgance store called for delivery of some consignment furniture up to Sun Valley’s Villager condos. Her friend and I loaded the unique sofa, and then traveled in ‘Greenvanholzer’ up the sunny trail.

We scoped out the situation and decided in short measure to take the large love seat out from their cozy living room to the garage -to give us more working space elbowroom. We spun it on end, then hedgeways before extracting it with minor difficulty from the tiny doorway.

As we walked along with the couch down the icy trail, I felt like I was training for basketball like Kirkland with ankle weights. Naturally, we brought up the subject of hiking, with the man orchestrating our delivery and soon we learned that his son had recently completed hiking the full length of the Appalachian Trail!

Without further adieu, we dropped the love seat into his garage and headed back to the house with the new sofa extracted safely from Greenvanholzer. After hiking to the doorway entrance again, we soon realized that this sofa was too cumbersome to fit through the tiny entry, with its tight turn way. As we brought the sofa through an adjacent window, we were introduced to the young man who was fresh from the Appalachian track.

I was only a little slow to shake his hand, and then warmed up by asking about two dozen questions, though there were easily fifty more. For some undetermined reason, my new furniture moving colleague

didn’t seem especially interested in this Topnotch hiking story.

I mentioned the Bill Bryson book, A Walk in the Woods, along with several reminisces regarding the pre-Geocache age and Georgia taxi drivers who picked up folks who had intended on hiking the full trial, only to change their mind on the first afternoon out, deciding that this was not the type of thing for them.

Eventually I turned to my moving partner and saw that his was not nearly as enthusiastic about the synchronistic story as I was. When we returned to Greenvanholzer, I was told that there was some type of angry incident, which transpired between the young hiking man and my helper –who also works as a local cab driver. During our return toward the shop, I found myself going on about how what a great connected family those people were. Soon I felt that it was best not trying to rub this fact in, but rather to give this clear-cut information interpretation in a light unjaded enthusiastic manner, so to give my new man something healthy to think about and grow upon.

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