Friday, September 14, 2007

Toy Reason

Word prompt from Angela Earle’s writing class / summer of 2006

Toy is the fruit of the first season of man – reason being the second

Boy how they did toy with me at work

Are these modern toys extensions of ourselves?

If so, are they helping us harmonize with nature?

What are we toying with when we purport to control nature –like a marvelous spinning top?

I once had a toy called the zube tube

Any sounds resonating through the springy tube would resonate chords with passerby

Attaching another favorite toy – the voice changer – to the end of this hollow tube resulted in sounds

Never before heard in our childlike dimension

Unusual phrases spoken into the hallowed tube accentuated our voices into areas

Where we seemed to be toying with unknown worlds

Who needs computers anyway?

A box is a wonderful toy

Can be filled to brim with brilliant imagination

Whiffle ball is underrated

It’s the perfect sport in many fashions

A game can spring to life practically anywhere

In the woods or pinball basements

I once cursed into the tube, screeching owl like into Steve’s ear,

“Don’t blame” –or “Stop Blaming God for not existing!”

This really pissed off Mike

He starting yelling, “You know what Banholzer, That’s all you really needed was a zube tube

Now you will really become a famous mathematician or a pilot!

The Zube Tube was all you needed for the proper jump start”

It took me seventeen poor boy years to realize why I pissed him off so

That bleak November evening

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