Monday, November 26, 2007

More over the misplaced furor over Janet Jackson’s exposed nipple
(RE: Dan Heed’s comment in this thread)

After Janet Jackson’s halftime Super Bowl slip-up revealed her silver starburst on the boob tube, the FCC waited less than 24 hours to start a couple of million $$’s investigation.

Compare this to the several months delay before a 9/11 commission was even set up, and then the paltry money invested there:

Then again, maybe our media was once again, just breast-feeding us all exactly, what the overwhelming majority of us were looking for:

On the third hand, would anybody say I flipped if I pointed out that one Wacko activist group is responsible for 99.8 percent of the complaints of this nature:

In the sober fourth quarter of this commentary, I feel compelled to point out that naturally, human breasts aren’t bad at all:

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