Monday, November 26, 2007

Brian, Greg F. & Arne, -yoose guys are my favorites and I truly appreciate how all three of you go out of your way so often to do some positive things for our community -each in your own unique fashionable ways.

However, I do believe that The Buzz on the street is that SVO has begun losing their razor edge. It’s not like anyone else out there is immediately eclipsing them, but sometimes Pluto’s left-handed power slowly prevails – not unlike wise tortoises, which dreamily breeze past unshielded hares below:

Meaningful content seems to be more limited than before. Our supposedly enlightened community barely responds to sincere messengers, such as Alison Poulsen. With so many negative waves resounding out there tightly in our local cyberspace, it’s no wonder she has contributed only once, since our fiery Wagon Daze.

Then again, it was nice to see our community come together so well, during that challenging near-tragedy. Folks coming out of nowhere, offering their homes to strangers, stables to horses, free pet-sitting services, etc. And everyone knew that SVO was the place to go for the freshest fire updates. (Until that funny little server problem)

As I mentioned before, a lot of people out there, chewing hemp seeds are wondering with this latest downturn, just what are SVO’s intentions? Are they hoping to keep up with the hottest innovations or are they just happy enough to just rest upon their profitable laurels through a few more holiday seasons before cashing it all in so speedily like so many Lie-all-Lanley’s?

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