Monday, January 14, 2008


I remember reading how Hailey was preparing for those innovative light-emitting diodes imbedded in the crosswalks. It sounded like a sure thing at the time. I wondered what had gone wrong. It is nice to see Hailey’s improvements, like flags at crossing walks, the marked bike-path through Woodside Blvd., and improved traffic signals, amongst other things.

Too bad that Bruce and Demi haven’t built a pedestrian bridge between the Mint and the old Drug store. Actually, that’s exactly what more and more skyscrapers are projected to do, in the next decade or so, in the event of disaster, so that crowds can more safely evacuate to adjacent buildings across the street.

Just tonight, while the traffic was out in Hailey, I saw police officers at several intersections, doing an excellent job directing traffic, where the lights were out. Only thing is that most of them were donning dark suits and didn’t have wands of any sort. Seems that if they carried florescent orange pullover suits and lit wands of some sort, to help direct the traffic should be standard for these situations. When twilight approached, with some of the officers still directing, they became even less visible standing there in the middle of icy intersections.

Regarding the 25 mph speed limit in Bellevue, it certainly must be a headache to try to please everybody. Obviously some people are happier on both ends, since its safer to pull out. Young children and smaller less visible people and folks that wouldn’t ordinarily walk over to Atkinson’s Valley Market, because of the old 35 limit. On the other hand, it does seem a like a reach to have it at 25, on the far ends of town. The only reason to pull over on the north side would be to stop and read the upgraded ‘Wood River Mines’ sign, which includes a new tribute to Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider movie.

However, the State seriously ought to do something more about the 55mph stretch between Bellevue and Hailey. This is one of the most dangerous stretches of roads in our area, according to newspaper graphics written every year. It’s also surprising that there’s still a pull-off for slower cars, in the south lane, a Frisbee-toss away from the airport taxiway. Doesn’t the TSA see this as a more serious security loophole than old stinky shoes?

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