Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flip-phone flip-floppers?

After gaining a good laugh from Wayne Kratochvil’s Blabbermouth Beetle letter, I drove north in a bug and read it to a friend who witnessed the same accident that shifted my thinking regarding the need for cell phone coverage in the SNRA.

My friend replied that Wayne must have not minded the Challis children who suffered collateral damage, due to a desire to remain in the telephonic Flintstones ages. He also wondered if Wayne might mature his mind even more, if -Providence-forbid - a similar dramatic incident occurred, involving beloved family members or friends of his own, which helplessly and needlessly suffered in a similar dark agonizing highway stretch.

A local architect has chirping against cell phones, too. She says that are phones available at Smiley Creek and Galena Lodge. For emergencies, when every second counts, this is preposterous. Besides the 20+ minutes drivers face (that is -if you’re not in a wrecked car) what if those phones are found inoperable? Wouldn’t you want a cell phone for an emergency backup?

Seems that our heroic Peace Officers and firefighters would be better equipped with useable cell phones as radio backups. Besides the dozens of previously mentioned emergencies, Galena is also where Ketchum’s drive-by-shooter dashed off to back in’90 and before that where the Ketchum Chief of Police was taken hostage and handcuffed to the steering wheel of his own car!

After laying out my personal story on a monopine limb, some accused me of being overdramatic. To them I say, don’t let Galena’s altitude or cell phone radiation affect your memory, because unfortunately, emergency events mentioned in these letters of public interest happen almost every year.

Jim Banholzer

PO Box 10039

Ketchum, Idaho


P.S. Not sure if The Messenger’s website is still in the Flintstone ages, but here’s a pertinent prehistoric link:

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