Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Criminal Observation

Criminal observation
Q. Do you think the crime rate has increased in Custer County?
An incredible amount in the last year.
Gradually over the last ten years.
No, it is about the same as it has always been.
It is interesting that the Challis Messenger in their recent poll on the perception of crime in Custer County did not include an option for anyone to vote that they thought misdeeds had diminished. Have things really become so bad that citizens should no longer expect terror alerts to drop below yellow? Nevermore to match the serenity of the Lost River’s cerulean blue sky?
I briefly worked at a place that had a paper poll. One reader, who had no computer, came in to drop off her handwritten vote to one of our questions, and kindly asked us to include it in the online poll. It would be nice to see if there is one believer in Challis that would do the same, think outside the pollbox and physically drop off their write-in vote, for a perception that the general atmosphere in Custer County has actually improved.

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