Friday, January 25, 2008

A tear shed on account of racism, can be an intellectual gift

Racism and hidden personal prejudices are among our worst weapons of mass destruction. What better way for a fifth grader to learn about what racism feels like, than to be put into that subjected position? The kid cried - a tear is an intellectual thing -Should be a lesson well learned. It worked well enough for the past 16 years for the instructor without complaint.

Gaining better understandings is for what education should be meant. And this groundbreaking experiment, forty years after Jane Elliot’s, illustrates with piercing clarity that racism is harshly unfair, and will improve some of the children’s understanding for life

Unless, we want to become evermore like spiritual robots and continue tossing barrels of cash down this bottomless warpit, while seeking enhanced methods to dehumanize “them”

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