Sunday, February 17, 2008

Astronomical Alerts

After writing my fourth official column, “Aurora Lights Paper Route While Town Sleeps,” I made the suggestion in our department head meeting that we consider offering an optional service to go along with our struggling home-delivery service. For 5 bucks a year, interested stargazing aficionados could be on our call-no-matter-what-list in the event the heavens are displaying a spectacular Aurora Borealis. My hope was that this story could have been picked up on the National level, like the AP wire, giving our poor paper a little wider publicity.

One of our most dedicated delivery drivers, Mr. S and I discussed this at length. He kindly and enthusiastically offered to be the one to make such calls from his ninety-mile route. This is not such a far-fetched idea as many motels in Alaska offer a similiar service and now for a nominal fee, offers astronomical awakening calls for auroras and even meteor showers.

Although Mr. S. or the paper never profited from these phantasmal calls, he did ring me once around 4 a.M. about visionary gazing in the heavens where he now resides.

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