Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kevin Leitch’s look into Doubleday’s claims certainly put this into a new perspective. Thank you for providing it, Liz.

It certainly is difficult to dissect these studies, when so many are not truly independently based, while making totally opposite claims.

Related to Milt Adam’s question about mercury amalgam tooth fillings, I experienced a personal anecdote: A couple winters back, I went to lunch with a woman who is an established nutritionist. She’s written fifteen books and treated many in this valley, probably helping immensely to heal dozens of SV Online readers, or at least giving their lives a small touch of improvement.

When our lunch-server, poured some water, we notice how brilliantly red her hands had become. The server said that this transformation had occurred only in the last few days, so my nourishing friend, asked her a brief series of questions. They stopped when the question came up about fillings, because the woman said, that she had two extracted, three days before and this radioactive-like reddening of her extremities had occurred immediately thereafter.

My nutritious friend told me that she had witnessed dozens of cases much like this in her tens years of examining clients for her practice. From her experience, she truly believes that when mercury fillings are removed, a certain health danger is exposed.

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Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

It's one of those many controversial issues in which, whatever you happen to believe, that perspective is supported by science and anecdotal evidence. So, I don't think either veiwpoint on immunization or mercury is wrong. I do have a huge-ass metal filling in my mouth and wish it were gone. But as far as I can tell I haven't yet descended into madness. (Although, would I know it?) My daughter is not vaccinated & is among the healthier kids I've ever known.

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