Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meat of a Whale problem

‘Research’ part of a vicious harpoon loop

Whales are an endangered species and our international community has passed many laws to protect them. However, in Japan, where there is a long tradition of eating whale meat, the huge whaling industry has utilized loopholes from these laws, so that they can kill whales to conduct ‘research.’ This research comes with a byproduct of tons of whale meat, which is conveniently sold as part of a vicious cycle to fund “more whale explorations.”

In late January, Japanese whaling ‘researchers’ utilized lunch programs there, as drops for their surplus whale meat. Some of this research was doused in savory sesame sauce, and conducted upon children at 254 Yokohama schools. This new research hopes to uncover and regain, as the chair for Japan’s International Whaling Committee, Yoshimasha Hayaski, unabashedly admits, “a market for whale eating.”

Although this vast whaling scheme attempts to induce schoolchildren to develop a taste for whale meat, the plan could backfire. Imagine if enough of our diminutive Japanese save-the-whale allies boldly decide to turn their noses up at the surplus meat, thereby lessening demand.

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