Monday, March 17, 2008

Soaring Rooks Nests

You were drifting on a Kingston Fairieboat, while I was sinking beneath Orca’s Izland

You fashioned a hot-air balloon from your crimson deck chair and tenderly embroidered a blazing giraffe onto its side.

My swelling craft held a monkey on its back.

The north winds shifted, to create a destiny for us to meet again, blowing us into an exceptional directional point, pinned out in the ocean, directly above two ships tranquilly passing through the fog-drenched night

You flew north, blasting like a crow and saw me, way before I spied you.

As we approached each other in the noctilucent clouds, you blew me a sugar kiss, which drifted in the wind over to my craft, between two purple mermaid tears hooked to a floating hummingbird tailfeather.

I tasted this as the sweetest kiss ever beheld amongst the heavens, while it healed my every illness through its pure intention. Miraculously, it spiraled, cleansing my soul, while the cerulean sea and sky, serenely dipped, becoming precious mirrors for each other.

Meanwhile nature’s electricity spineted through our respective hot-air balloon raven nests, as one spiny shore kid imagn’d exactly this happening, when he saw the light.

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Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Just wanted to comment that I enjoyed this piece. I think it merits further examination at some point when I'm not under the effects of some form of influenza. You've got a real way with words... Even the ones I think maybe maybe you invented (like noctilucent) fit well into the piece. More later, if I recall... I'm a real zombie today.