Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Queen’s Crown

Seventeen years ago, the Queen of England paid a visit to our Nation’s Capital during a festive weekend.

Part of her tour was slated to take her down to George Washington’s historical home at Mount Vernon one evening and The Washington Post even printed a detailed map of her scheduled route.

Knowing that my good friend 3V3T5 lived on the Queen’s course, I called that afternoon to remind him that Her Majesty would be passing his way.

As the evening wore on, he kind of forgot, but then, while he was fueling up his little Honda, he saw a procession of armored vehicles and remembered what I had told him.

As the Queen waved by Crown Gas Station in her ceremonious fashion, 3V3T5 purposely stuffed his hands in his pockets to show intensive intent to rebuff any Elizabethan waves.


In later years, I unspun this Queen’s tale to a woman here in Idaho.

This woman, Sue Noel, is one of the Queen’s biggest fans and has kept a sincere correspondence with her majesty for over fifty years. She even has an elaborate black embroidered letter in return from Buckingham Palace, from an occasion decades ago, when there was a death in the family to which Sue wrote a heartfelt letter of concern and compassion.

Although, I have passed this on to friendly Idaho editors, so far they seem blind to the vast potentialities of such a story: The Queen of England pays great attention to a small- time Idaho grocery store clerk.

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