Saturday, June 28, 2008


Unknown author

These powerful truisms were displayed in a lower hallway at Falls Church City Hall back in the early 90’s

Following the crowd provides security

Many of the things you want are worthless

Everything is an integral of everything else

Almost no one finds their match

Strangers don’t want to know you

Crowds create their own power

Things left undone become harder

People are attracted to what they can’t have

Power is passed to those near it

You can only screw yourself

Only certain types are religious

A court of law is designed to intimidate

Almost everyone will take advantage of you if you let them

People put too much energy into money

Time goes by faster as you get older

Traveling far makes you appreciate home more

Do what you want to do most

The point is to be fulfilled

People only care about their own neighborhood

Thoughts today are the oldest thoughts yet

You will grow to be better or worse

People let other people kill themselves

All politics is based only on favors

You are art

Nature always wins

Loneliness is not contagious

Most Weirdos want to be

You are your actions

Many artists aren’t

Progress takes time

Repetition builds skill

When you die, you’re dead

Living increases knowledge

Cities alienate people

Most people are too uptight

Only work pays the bills

Suburbs isolate you

Friends ease the pain

Reviews sell art

Some people love only sex

Fear can be an aerobic activity

Relationships must move forward or begin dying

When dealing with the police attitude matters

People are starved for good information

People want something to respond to

Most Americans are indifferent to politics

You’re never sure if you’re the real cause of anger

Surviving distracts you from doing what you need to

Americans are culturally young

Long trips get shorter each time

We all want the same thing

Indecision is a defense mechanism

The best role to play is as yourself

You can’t run away from yourself

To help write PO Bx 33161 WashDC

Death of a friend gives you perspective

Suspense keeps you interested

People need someone to talk to

Money ruins friendships

Carnivores are nature’s way

Life is to create

Cities speed you up

People rush through life

No one likes to be cold

You’re never sure

Being positive is a choice

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