Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Bad Mix

Another case of bad publicity for the Rec. District happened one afternoon, when the likeable old Pool manager C.K. accidentally mixed too many chemicals into the chlorinator that fed the pool. We had to evacuate dozens of young children and called the Fire Department over. Whoever called, asked them to arrive low-key if they could. The dispatcher said that they would, but then of course they came in blaring in as they usually do for emergencies; speeding with lights a-flashing. I remember as they pulled C.K. away from the chlorination room, somebody remarked, “The last time this happened, he wouldn’t leave the room and almost passed out.”

A few weeks later, the new supervisor and I were clearing out some equipment from the Rec. District’s dusty storage barn, where we came across some old plastic chlorination sprayers. As we lifted the largest one out for disposal, the supervisor accidentally bumped on one of the spray nozzles, which sprayed directly into his face. He dropped his end of the piece of equipment and began wheezing and coughing for about three minutes, all the while insisting that he was okay.

I remember being warned about this man’s temper and Norm (Kathie’s 1st husband) and I used to joke that he was much like the Sleeping with the Enemy character who used to go off at his wife Julie Roberts if she placed one can of corn slightly out of alignment in their beach house kitchen cupboard.

Turns out that the warnings we received were mostly accurate, although like most people the supervisor did have a remarkably nice side, once you scratched beneath the surface.

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