Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unhealthy Company Policies

Unhealthy Company Policies
It’s simply not healthy for management to ignore the nuts and bolts of their operations. Why do they do this so often? Is it because they want to insulate themselves from the harsh truth? That perhaps everything is not so hunkie-dory after all? Maybe they’re afraid that their hard-working underlings will confront them when they see more clearly, what a B.S. job management is doing. Some managers secretly love it when employees turn against one another. This way they know that the employees will never rally to unionize - even if they sense unjust treatment.
I worked as a delivery person for one of the local papers for almost five years, before anyone in management asked for my feedback, regarding the delivery manifest they printed for me each week. Finally, I thought, this would be an opportunity for us to clarify some questions I’ve had, and we will improve our functionality. –Or so I thought. I sat with Jerry for two hours, giving him my list of observations and left with a feeling that we would finally all be on the same page, regarding delivery numbers. The problem was, that even though Jerry had fastidiously scribed down practically every major point I made, when the lists came out the next week, there were no changes on it. Nor were there any changes on the next week’s list, nor the next…
It has often bothered me when office middle managers start passing on their great whims and grand policy changes without first field-testing their own suggestions. If upper management is truly looking to implement some long-term work improvements they need to invest more time in their workshops and make sincere efforts to gain those dedicated workers trust. Asking what some of those workers life-goals are, more often than Halley’s Comet comes around would be a nice start.

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