Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dog killed in bike path hit and run - response:
JBanholzer – Enlightened path
09/04/08 - 19:30

What a horrific experience for Ken and his poor dog. My sincere condolences.

This is not the first time either, that somebody has driven down the bike path this year:

Unfortunately, with the way our world-class bike-path crosses many intersections, the odds for something like this happening again are high. Although most of the locals know exactly where the path is, of the thousands of drivers who cross the path each day, some are bewildered, drunk or worse.

Should the Blaine County Rec. District revisit bringing back the heavy bollards they used to base at each intersection? I think that is a hard call. After all, the bollards presented a safety hazard too. Even though they were marked with reflective tape, the unwieldy bollards were involved with several serious injuries (and even one fatality -about 20 years ago, near Gimlet)

Another important item that we night travelers should reflect upon, as the autumnal equinox approaches, is; Modern technology now offers long-lasting Light Emitted Diodes, and a wide variety of safety flashlights. Now would be a good time to support a local business by buying a friend (or a mans best friend) a bright gift; or for children a "Going back to School surprise present," in form of one of these inexpensive innovative flashlights or flashy dog necklaces.

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