Thursday, September 04, 2008

The New York City Jive - Ant

A story called "The New York City Jive-Ant," is another good parable. It starts with non-regular ant, which separates from the working crowd, and carelessly hangs out in front of Jackson's with a sharp claw on hip, smoking filterless cigarettes, munching on teeny Ho-Ho crumbs, and ceaselessly listening to Boogie on Reggae Woman on the Ant-throw-pod network.

After a long spell, he comes to see the error of his rebellious City-slicker ways and heads back to the high-country ant farm, to tell the seriously sweating laborer ants about his big slip-up.

His fellow ants embrace him as one of their own again and he goes back to work on nutritious Sugar Mountain, never again showing indication of going against the accepted-ant-wisdoms. However, occasionally at night, deep within the hill, the underground hive whispers about him becoming part of their mythology and the youngest ant-eggs hatch, instantly buzzing with new wonder.

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