Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Emergency snow-thrower reserve

A few weeks ago, when we had back-to-back snowstorms I went down to Clearwater nursery in Bellevue to pick up some extra shear-pins for my snowblower. While there, I noticed that they completely sold out of new snow blowers and only had half a dozen used ones in stock. The shop supervisor said that when he tried to order new ones, his supplier said that they were completely out nationwide, due the abundance of snowstorms. Clearwater has sold all twelve of their new ones during that last big storm.

Later on his supplier called back and said that they had been able to tap into some sort of national reserve of snow blowers and that they would be able to supply him with some more, after all. Evidently, it helped that parts of Idaho had been declared a national emergency due to the heavy snows, roofs caving in, etc. And FEMA or some such agency must be keeping a backup supply available somewhere.

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