Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I knew I was going to hit the number!

I usually gamble with money once or twice a year. A few months ago, feeling that luck surely coming on, I bought seven powerball tickets from a place uptown where I sometimes purchase quick sandwiches. When I yanked the money from the wallet, no moths flew out, and neither George nor Abe squinted at the unfamiliar sunlight.

When the numbers came up, one ticket matched three winning numbers. Being unfamiliar with what my expected winnings would be, I asked a few friends who I thought were lotto-savvy. Their replies ranged from forty dollars up to a thousand.

For a few hours, I started making vast plans about what to do with these winnings.

Turns out that matching three numbers in the Powerball, (not including the powerball number) only gains you seven dollars!

Taking into account that I had spent seven dollars to win the lucky seven, it wasn’t enough to buy a wind sandwich.

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