Monday, March 16, 2009

. I find Annette’s story interesting.

The name “Annette” itself, seems to ring with synchronicity: Two e’s, two n’s and two t’s, mirrors her name with a double-Tolkien ent. Hearing Annette, reminds me of a story that happened, the first winter I moved west, to Ketchum, Idaho: Three of us had made a day of it, snowmobiling around Island Park, Idaho’s frozen-over reservoir. That evening, one nodded off for a nap, while my other friend, who is a great hunter, stayed up late, discussing at length our interest in butterflies. Right as he asked me, “Did you ever go out with a net and catch them?” -our third companion awoke at that precise moment from his hypnagogic reverie, imagining he had heard, “Did you ever go out with Annette in Ketchum?” –which confused him greatly, because I had only moved there, mere weeks before!

We often laugh about this.

Along similar lines, I wonder, how other readers’ small-town synchronicity experiences compare with their big city meaningful coincidences? Soon after shifting from big city living to a small town lifestyle, I noticed that after meeting enough people, eventually I came to expect that I would run into somebody I knew, almost every time I wandered into public. This makes me wonder what other people’s experiences are, who have lived both in big cities and small towns, regarding running into long-lost friends, in million-to- one long shots on ships, airplanes and subways versus their experiences, living in smaller synchronistic-to-the-brim towns.

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