Friday, March 20, 2009

Magic teaspot Genie-logy

There were several levels of Max’s magic teapot story, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The part about adventuring to far away nooks and crannies, then finding treasure within his own walls, reminds me of the There and Back again story of Beck Weathers on Mount Everest, who returned home from a near-death experience to discover he had been ignoring the best treasure life could give him - his loving wife.

Another synchronicity: After rereading Max’s story, something else struck a chord and suddenly I realized that I had blogged about his underground spelunking experiences before. Last year while doing family genealogy research, I discovered a story about Banholzer North Mississippi Beer, where a branch of our family had stored beer bottles in a mile and a half long cave they dug beneath St. Paul in the mid-1800’s. In one of the adventure stories I linked to, they mentioned Max’s action squad. Not only that, but at the time I forwarded this story to Rob MacGregor!

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