Friday, October 16, 2009

Missing Mary Anne

The second experience, I’ve been wanting to write about is much sadder. A few weeks ago, I was driving up Highway 75, approaching the same spot, where my truck has broken down thrice. (Actually, there was a bad crash there yesterday too – at high noon) Anyhow, that day, I felt a sudden rush that somebody I knew quite well was going to pass into the great beyond, and that it would be a girl. I didn’t hear a voice or anything, it was more like an inner voice or strong intuitive feeling – the kind of feeling that I’ve tried to pay more attention to, in recent years. Then, a few days later, I got the call that Mary Anne Kindred had died of heart failure. Mary Anne had been the freight manager for seven years, at one of the furniture stores, where I often help. Sadder still, is the fact that my new place looks across the alleyway, to the back loading dock, where I used hang out with her, sometimes when I wasn’t even working. I’ve made a long list of why Mary Anne was such a special person in my life, and for several days would choke up, whenever I tried to talk about her. Writing about it helps. Although, I am quite sad, I’m also very happy that she was in my life. With her unique outlook, she made other people better. Mary Anne was one of those people who if you hung out with her, it made you want to be a better person.

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