Friday, October 16, 2009

More Colorful Mary Anne Memories

Mary Anne with son Jason Kindred

At Mary Anne’s first memorial service, friends reminded me of how close we were.

I remember the first day that Mary Anne walked into Lone Star as the new freight manager, back in 2002. I could hardly believe that she was there. I instantly felt that her presence and conscientiousness would lead to vast improvements within the store and looked forward to establishing a good working relationship / friendship with her. And that’s exactly what happened.

Mary Anne was one of the most sincere and inspiring friends I’ve known. She had a great interest in the community and more importantly in improving the community. She must have known thousands of locals by face and name. She enjoyed music, the arts and, of course, local news. She also was a legendary baker. I remember driving by her classy Terra Cotta Café and seeing her enthusiastically baking away in the window, at six in the morning, as us newspapermen navigated through early morning icy roads.

Even when I wasn’t working, I would occasionally stop by her work to strike up a conversation, which usually led to something interesting or surprising. We probably had hundreds of stimulating conversations between us.

Mary Anne was kind enough to invite me to her and Robbie’s house several times to play badminton with family and friends. It was always a blast and I think she even made a few videos of the intense bird-by-bird flight action. For my second Express column, I gave badminton a small plug, specifically with those good times in mind.

She was a person who always tried to do the right thing and her pure nature still resonates through those who were close to her.

I probably spammed her with too many e-mails. But occasionally, I did find a subject that stuck a chord. One was this story about why music sounds so bad now. And another was the itty bitty kitty committee.

M.A. and I sometimes used to joke about Idaho's other famous Mary Anne; the mischievous Mary Anne Summers from Gilligan's Island. I reminded M.A. that the other Mary Anne was renowned for baking scrumptious coconut cream pies. When the news hit that Driggs's Mary Anne was busted for pot and then claimed that some hitchhikers had left it in her ashtray, we had a hearty laugh because everybody knows that hitchhikers simply do not leave behind doobies. Not even Gilligan would have bumbled that badly!

Another key memory I have of Mary Anne was the time
when Daniella fell in the bathroom, injuring her back severely enough that she could not get up. Since, I was in Ketchum, I called Mary Anne who instantly dropped what she was doing and rushed over with a friend to assist.

Mary Anne was kind enough to invite me to her and Robbie's Oregon Coast wedding. When I quit my newspaper job on that bright solstice day in 2006, she was the first person I told and she congratulated me sincerely.

The last few weeks, I've had a rush of good memories about her, I miss her very much and as I mentioned before, it helps me to write about her.

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Anonymous said...

As the kindred spirit Mary was...she knew what you needed and longing for the day when you quit your newspaper job. She was supportive and intuitive. She will always be your friend and smiling down on you wherever is now in peace.