Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seaworthy Mirrors

I had an interesting experience last week, when I helped my friend Daniella move her nutrition business up to Port Townsend, Washington. As we moved items into her beachside condo, we unpacked some of her mirrors and leaned them against the long walls. I started thinking about how some of her mirrors were rather heavy and that I hoped she secured them properly to the walls with studs, when that time came. Then, I started reminiscing about an event several years back, when an aristocratic furniture dealer, Lyman Drake, asked my friend, Dan Roloff and I to secure a mirror onto a wall in his fancy shop. The wall-hanging equipment Mr. Drake provided was obviously substandard. I pointed this out and we delayed the hanging that afternoon. That evening, I found an article at home that I had been saving for such an occasion, about a young boy who had actually been killed in a “freak accident” by a falling mirror: http://www.simpletoremember.com/vitals/FreakAccidentMirror.htm

The next morning Dan and I showed this article to Mr. Drake’s assistant. Up until then, she had been adamant about how we needed to attach that mirror to the wall Godspeed, to fill the room with integrity. However, now that we had gone to the effort, to secure proof positive, that shoddy equipment could actually result in a horrible ending; their mirror was never hung on the flimsy wall.

After these minutes of mirror reflection, Daniella brought me back to the present and into a local breakfast shop. Seconds after we lightly stepped in, we witnessed a small picture fly off the wall, and then clock a 60ish gentleman on an angle hard to his forehead. Before anybody even asked, the man started insisting he was okay. A woman covered from head to toe in black clothing, including a strange hood, spirited out and tried to make things right, by swiftly cleaning up the mess and comping him the meal.

The quickly lit atmosphere of the breakfast-shop soon simmered down, but I felt some of those present would probably remember what happened for a long while.

Further reflecting upon the mirrors, I believe I should warn Daniella one more time about what seems to be a powerful omen for properly securing them in her new seaside condo. I hope the stout man she hires for the job is mirror-seaworthy.

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  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    But one should always remember that there's no better way to recount how much money one has made in a single year than by looking into a mirror and saying: "You made $XXX.XX this year!"


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