Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In his era, cutting-edge Idaho Senator Glen Taylor was ‘universally’ more open-minded to the backbone of our Country’s multiculturism, than Congressman Bill Sali appears to be today.

However, it is nice to hear that Mr. Sali has e-mailed a little apology to Keith Ellison –who by the way took his oath of office on Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Holy Quran.

With all the things, Mr. Sali has accomplished in his life, his apology reveals more hope towards his further evolving into an understanding spiritual being.

After all, isn’t that one of the main tests of life?

Ultimately, to become more compassionate and understanding towards those who cling to the hatred hanging in their bodies, rather than to commence abhorring them in contagious return?

Perhaps, Mr. Sali will some day find it worthwhile in his heart to apologize to Mr. Ellison in person.

It’s too bad that the disinformation agents instantly label most anyone bringing up serious discussion about UFO’s as a ‘Kook’. Even there, Senator Taylor was ahead of his time when he explained, "Even if it is only a psychological phenomenon, it is a sign of what the world is coming to. If we don't ease the tensions, the whole world will be full of psychological cases and eventually turn into a global nuthouse."

Why, only this summer scientists investigating ‘quantum tunneling’ announced they have broken the speed of light. Meanwhile, Scottish physicists have ‘defied natural laws’ by reversing the Casimir effect - the attraction between two surfaces in a vacuum – in part "solving" the mystery of levitation.

Sychonistically, this week the Federal Reserve has interjected millions of new Thomas Jefferson quarters into our banking system. I suggest that anyone still offended by President Jefferson’s shiny-Quaran-embracing-image levitate their holographic-imaged-chisled-coins into the nearest wishing well. While there take a good gaze in the ripples to see if you can find anything in there you wish to improve –peacenik Hindu music strumming in the background or not.

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This was the worstest article I've ever read!