Monday, October 22, 2007

Neil Young Dreamsong

Early dawn October 20th I dreamt about an unusual Neil Young song. It was a song in which he was rooting for a friend, called, “Any Advantage.” The refrain went something like, “Any advantage that a friend can have” and he kept weaving the “any advantage” phrase into different stanzas.

Upon, my slow awakening this song continued to ping in my head. It was very distinctive and a good song. As I searched my memory for Neil Young tunes, I began to think that this was actually a song that had never been released. Perhaps it was a song out there swirling in the mythos, meant especially for Neil Young. The harmony was so sweetly distinguished that had I any musical notation talent; I would have tried to scribble down the jist of its jingle.

As I further awakened, to present reality, the ringing of the song began to slightly lift, but most of it resonated in me unclouded throughout the remainder of the morning. I began perusing through a copy of The Idaho Statesman and saw that Neil Young had played over at the Nampa Center the previous evening.

Now I was really curious.

I Googled “Neil Young” along with “any advantage”, but did not discover the song I dreamt.

I wondered if this song rings a bell with any of the Neil Young fans out there?

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