Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Last night, I had another strange flashback to forty years ago. This time I was leaning against an old Air Force jet converted into a large playground toy.

As my friends and family were leaving the playground, I remained, magnetized by the great warplane wing. Somehow, I was flashed with esoteric information about how length of the wings should be constructed in a specific proportion to the airplane length to make the molecules everlasting in that form.

I wondered if this formula was connected to a secret, regarding other long-term enduring traveling spacecraft.

At eight years old, I knew at the time that even bothering to mention such a claim would have been preposterous and beyond-belief. Nothing would have been done with the great knowledge had I tried to explain or share it. So I stayed for a while alone, sadly stroking the aircraft wing. I remember thinking about how 8-year olds shouldn’t have to worry about such things, but it was almost impossible for me to lift my overwhelming concern.

I think this dream / actual recreation was prompted by reading yesterday the curious passage about how Robert Wadlow, modern history’s tallest man, became a mason.

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