Monday, March 10, 2008

Progressive moving questions

Helped on another interesting move Saturday. Mr. Freemason and I moved Linda Blair’s stuff out from the Mildew Creek area by Bearfield, over to Halley’s Sunny Beam apts. Even though we had confirmed the time beforehand, Ms. Blair showed up late and slightly unkempt. After a brief introduction, while we waited for the paperwork, she apparently felt the need to cathartically cuss some recent inharmonic personal life events.

This gave the peaceful Freemason and I pause to wonder what we were getting into. Certainly, even minor moves can be stressful, but sometimes there is a thorny reason, such as a divorce, or violence recently occurred between the splitting parties, which spurred on the move.

Therefore, I believe that Mr. Freemason and I should develop a quick-list questionnaire, to keep handy in our day-planners, for instant referral, regarding future dubious moving projects.

For instance:

1. Is there some type of disharmony or bloodshed involved, as a reason for your move?

2. Will an armed guard or sheriff’s deputy be overseeing our move?

3. Should we be wearing bullet resistant clothing, while we help you reclaim your always-on TV?

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Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Perhaps a kit with a crucifix and some holy water would help as well.